Using the Hair Brush

Using the Hair Brush

Someone would think that using a hair straightening brush is as simple as putting it to hair and pulling. However, nothing could be further from the truth. You see, there is an art and a skill to it. When I bought mine, I assumed that it would be easy to use. However, I came to realize that it required some learning. I decided to look for a few tips about using the hairb rush. I thought it would be hard, but I found out that it is simple as long as you have the right ideas.

Here is what I found out:

Start by washing the hair

Woman cleaning her hair

You would think this is obvious, but when you run a tally, you will be surprised by just how many women make the mistake of straightening their hair before they use the brush on it. It is best to wash the hair and then straighten it because that way, the style stays intact for longer. If you straighten the hair before cleaning it, the effect will not last as long as it should.

Heat protection is good

Heat protection is important as it keeps your locks intact. Thus, before you can heat-treat your hair, you need to apply a heat protectant to it. You can spray your hair with a serum such as you find in the salons, the one applied before your hair is subjected to heat treatment. It is also important that you use the right hair products, you know, the ones that are only suitable for your hair type.

The right way to apply heat protectant serum is to rub it in your hands and then run them through your hair firmly but gently. That way, you can separate the hair into small amounts of strands so that the treatment runs right through the hair. You should also apply more treatment to the ends of the hair where splits are most likely to happen. You should never apply the heat protectant thickly because it is going to create buildup on the scalp, something that you should really avoid.

Dry the hair after cleaning it

Young woman drying her hair

Just because we said you should wash the hair before using the straightening brush on it, you should not use it when the hair is wet. Just ensure that it is completely dry. The straightening brush will work best at high temperature, something that can damage your hair if it is wet.

Divide thick hair

If you have very thick hair, you should divide it into manageable lumps so that you can brush it easily. Thankfully, this should be very easy to do. Just grab a handful of hair and brush it out. If it is too thick, chances are you are going to miss some strands. Make the job easier on yourself by dividing it up.

The best thing is to pile the hair up on your head and then start brushing it downwards little by little.

The actual brushing

Brush the hair in such a way that the brush gives it some lift. The way to do that is to hold the hair up, and then brush from the roots upward, letting your hair fall gently back, by small groups of strands. You may brush with more energy, but you should let the hair fall down gently. 

For My Hair

For My Hair

I am taking part in a music concert in our social hall in the coming weekend. Thus, I have every reason to want to look all glam, you know, as if I just stepped off the cover of a lifestyle magazine. But I am a woman and looking glamorous and elegant is my stronghold. However, this time around, I must look really special!

I have a problem though, and that is with my hair treatment. You see, I come from an area that has hard water, and as such, it can be quite troublesome to get the best outcome with soaps, detergents and shampoos. Thankfully, a friend of mine came in handy and advised me about the best shampoos for hard water. That is exactly what I intend to buy and use.

What is hard water?

It is just regular water pouring out of your tap, but this time around, it has more mineral deposits and thus, soaps and shampoos have a problem dissolving in all the salt. When you bathe with hard water, you will see that your soap reacts with the minerals, forming hard deposits that float on the water. Thankfully, you can solve this by getting a hard water shampoo or a soap that has specifically been produced for use in hard water.

Hard water can affect your hair and your skin negatively. That is why you need to find a remedy as soon as you can. All those minerals will lurk on your skin, blocking your pores and leaving your skin feeling dry and when you are exposed to the sun, the skin starts to chap.

As for the hair, the ends will be so brittle such that they can even start splitting. It could also weaken the layers of your hair and harm your scalp. However, when you use products that are made to counter the negative effects of hard water, you will enjoy good skin, same as the person who has soft water at home.

But I could install a showerhead with a filter!

Sure, that would be a good option for you and it does work. However, you must also know that buying a showerhead that has filters for hard water is not everything. You see, most of the time, you will be using the bathroom sink. So, using soap or shampoo that is made for hard water is better and even cheaper. That way, you can also use this soap for washing your hands and face.

Another option that you may consider is that of using a water softener, but it has its inconveniences too. For example, it can run out in the middle of the night. Any way that you look at this issue, using shampoos and soaps for hard water helps and it is the most convenient and flexible options.

So what am I using to spruce up my hair for the concert? Here are two shampoos that I intend to order:

Kenra Clarifying Shampoo

Kenra Clarifying Chelating Formula For Removing Dulling Deposit

This is one of the best shampoos that you can buy for hard water. It has attracted thousands of positive reviews on various online marketplaces and once you use it, it is easy to see why. It is because it is one of the best performers on hard water. From ingredients like wheat protein and moisturizing agents, you will find this shampoo easy to use and very enriching for the hair. In fact, information has it that this shampoo is able to undo the damage that has been caused by hard water.


  • Has a sweet citrus smell after using it
  • Works even with the hardest water
  • Restores the glory and sheen of your hair
  • Does not leave any buildup on the scalp


  • Can strip hair coloring is used for more than a week

Moroccan Oil Clarifying Shampoo

Moroccan Oil Clarifying 33.8oz/1L PRO

This is another of the best hard water shampoos in the market. The feel of the motion of the best hair straightening brush after using this shampoo is incredible. If you want value for your money, get this shampoo and you will never regret it. It has been formulated with the best natural ingredients such as Vitamin B5, jojoba oil extracts, avocado and argan. Your hair can only get better.


  • Can cleanse residues left by hard water and other soaps
  • Restores brittle hair
  • It leaves the coloring of your hair intact
  • Does not contains parabens, sulfates or phosphates


  • It is costly

Protect It from Hard Water

Protect It from Hard Water

As a woman, your hair is your crown of glory. You know you can go to any extent to protect it, at least I know that. However, for some time, I had a tough time trying to maintain the sheen and shine in my hair. The reason for that was the hard water at home. I had a hard time until I learned a few things about protecting hair from damage that can be caused by hard water. I bought a special shampoo that has been formulated to help people keep their hair safe from hard water. This is what I have been using for months now. I have seen a tremendous change in my hair.

When you use hard water, it leaves mineral deposits on the hair. It may also start creating a buildup of the same on your scalp. Now, whatever you do, you want to avoid that. Thankfully, with a shampoo made for hard water to help you, you may not even have to bother with water softeners.

I know many people suffer from hair damage as a result of hard water. That is why I am sharing these tips so that they can get their respite, same as I did:

Rinse the hair with vinegar solution after cleaning it

Bragg apple cider

Vinegar is not only the champion for cleaning tasks in the kitchen and the bathroom but it is also great for removing the buildup of minerals caused by hard water from your hair. To make your “concoction,” just add a teaspoonful of vinegar to a cup of water and then rinse your hair with it.

That is just the ratio, so it really does not matter how many cups of water you use. You should rinse deeply such that this solution also gets to your scalp and helps clean your hair Let it stay some on the hair before you rinse it out with clean and soft water. It is very good as it helps balance the pH of your hair.

Buy a shower filter

CQ-1000 Filter

These filters are made to filter the hard minerals out. The good thing is that they last a long time and they are easy to change. You cannot tell by the feel of your hand whether the hard water has been softened, but they do work and you will be able to tell when you experience no discomfort on the skin. The filters take minerals that harden water out. These include limescale and chlorine to name but just two of them.

Buy a clarifying shampoo

Sometimes, no matter what you do, mineral deposits just tend to refuse to go away from the water. Even when you use filters in the shower head, to be doubly sure that you have rinsed all the hard minerals from your hair, just use clarifying shampoo. There are many types in the market and you can always read user reviews to know what to get.

Use rainwater

Nature has a solution for almost everything, and rainwater is nature’s gift to people who live in places with hard water. Catch the rain as it falls, trap that water and store it in a jerrican so that you can use it in the future. You can eliminate this challenge with this water and keep your hair soft and nourished all the time.